Born in Tokyo, Japan.
Works and lives in London, UK.

I use photography and video to explore the fluid and distortable relationship between memory, time and photography. I moved from Japan to the UK to attend Summerhill School and my experience of becoming familiar with a new place, a different language and new customs while I was developing my adolescent identity has profoundly shaped my work in photography, video and writing.

The core of my photographic research is based on my autobiographical memory and I am particularly interested in the way memory works in relation to snapshot/vernacular photography. Working with both personal and public archives, my research has led to a creative research fellowship at the British Library, UK and an artist residency in Nikkei National Museum in Canada. 

My video and photographic works are exhibited internationally in museums such as The J. Paul Getty Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto and Tokyo Photographic Art Museum and in many international Photo Festivals. My work has also toured the US museums as the part of the collections from Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Internationally acclaimed work, Imagine Finding Me, has become the most exhibited work having been shown in over sixteen countries. My work is written in many publications and academic books, such as being included in a series of text books for Norwegian High School.

Work can be found in numerous international museums, such as Tokyo Photographic Art Museum; Huis Marseille Museum, Amsterdam; Science Museum Collection, UK; Wilson Centre of Photography and Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art. I have also published four books in Japan as a writer. 

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