LANDED - Waiting for a story to happen
size: 101cm x 67.5cm
C-Type prints
2000~ ongoing series

Collectins: The Ritz-Carlton Collection, Germany
Private collections









Chino Otsuka's current series of photographs is a perplexing visualisation of a normadic attitude. To begin with there are no people depicted in this sequence,yet, they function as a hybrid form of self-portraiture. An image of legs with bare feet points to the only human pressence. The series then proceeds to portray transitional man-made spaces shot entirely in twilight, motorway exits, long corridors, lifts, airport longes...Otsuka's camera work is edgy, more akin to still shots from a film production than landscape photography. The realtionship of viewpoint and view seems to have a slipped timecode on it. Otsuka manages to create a personal diary assembled entirely from impersonal generic sceneries...Otsuka's photographs, shot without the aid of flash or any manipulation, are richly saturated in colour, very detailed and almost classical in composition, yet her selection and interpretation of the everyday is imbued with a subtle distance which belies the documentary quality and reveals a viewpoint which sees either side of a cultural rift as somewhere to be.....landed.


    ©Chino Otsuka All Rights Reserved