Back and forth (Passport) 2021-
Dimension variable

The work consists of six passport photographs taken at the age between 10 and 44 years old.


This portrait was created in response to the concept of “Cross Cultural Kids”. Also known as “Third Culture Kids”, this term was originally defined by US sociologist Ruth Hill Unseem in the 1950s for children who spend their formative years in places that are not their parent’s homeland and interacted with two or more cultural environments for a significant period of time - a trend that has become common with increased globalization and migration.
Having grown up in transitory environments and living between cultures, I have always found myself drawn to the in-between, a space that is neither here nor there. As an adult Third Culture Kid, the home is both everywhere and nowhere.
This concept is one of the focuses of my current practice-based research, as I explore the experiences of CKK/TCKs and how their upbringing shapes their sense of identity and belonging.



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